Matt Cavallo has been featured in WebMD patient experience articles including parenting with MS

WebMD Interview: Parenting With MS

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I sat down with  to discuss what it is like to be a parent living with Multiple Sclerosis for WebMD. Here is an excerpt from that interview:

Multiple sclerosis can’t stop you from being a great parent. The key is to focus on your strengths and learn creative ways to work around your symptoms.

Your condition will shape your outlook and approach to parenting. And that could even be a good thing.

“Having MS made me a better parent than I would have been without it,” says Matt Cavallo, 37, who has known he had MS since 2005. He now has two young boys.

Know what’s important. Because you live with an unpredictable disease, you understand something about life that most people don’t. “Before I had MS, I was someone who worked 15-hour days, my mind always on the next big project,” says Cavallo, who is also an author and motivational speaker. “MS makes you aware of how life can change at any time. You learn to focus on appreciating the moment.”

Expect the unexpected. MS teaches you to be flexible and adaptable. “Any parent knows that the best possible plans can veer horribly wrong at any moment, because of a meltdown or sick kid,” Cavallo says.

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