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Matt Cavallo, MPH is a patient experience speaker, author, and podcaster who motivates audiences worldwide with his personal patient experience and genuine storytelling style.

At age twenty-eight, Matt was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Seemingly over night he went from a fully-functioning, healthy man to someone who was numb from the waist down and unable to walk. As a result of his diagnosis, Matt has dedicated his life to improving the patient experience.

Matt Cavallo, MPH is the founder and Chief Empathy Officer of the Patient Activation Network. He is a patient experience thought leader who has been a keynote speaker for healthcare events across the country. Matt has been named among The Top 10 Social HealthMakers by WCG and his blog was selected as one of Healthline’s Top Multiple Sclerosis Blogs. His story of being diagnosed and overcoming the physical and emotional challenges associated with having a chronic disease can be read in his memoir, The Dog Story: A Journey into a New Life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Most importantly, however, Matt is the proud father of his two sons, Mason and Colby, the loving husband to his wife, Jocelyn, and the best friend to his dog, Teddy. Originally from the Boston suburbs, Matt currently works and lives with his family in Chandler, Arizona.

Matt Cavallo motivational speaking and clinical education

Motivational Speaking and CEUs

Matt Cavallo, MPH inspires audiences of all types with his compelling personal patient experience story. From corporate events to patient-centered events, audiences relate to Matt's authenticity and his ability to be vulnerable on stage. He will make your audience laugh, cry, and in the end, inspire hope. 

Inspirational Healthcare Keynotes and CEU programs:

  • Why loyal patients leave providers
  • How to activate a reluctant patient
  • Inspire a culture of compassionate care
  • Patient experience from the lens of a patient

Inspirational Keynotes for Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Non-Profits and Associations

  • Finding strength in the face of adversity
  • Activating your audience to be proactive in health and well-being
  • Importance of insurance and financial planning before illness strikes

Inspirational Commencement Keynotes

  • Medical schools
  • Nursing schools
  • Healthcare administration
  • Other Educational Events

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The Dog Story: A Journey Into a New Life with Multiple Sclerosis

About The Dog Story

The Dog Story is Matt's memoir that follows him from the initial onset of symptoms, through his hospitalization and eventual diagnosis. This personal diary-like story is a raw, real, and emotional look into a patient experience and what happens when a man's life is turned upside down by a devastating diagnosis.

How does the dog fit into the story? You'll have to read to find out!

Reviews from

Jill B. from Colorado writes, "This book is a must read for everyone. For those who have multiple sclerosis (ms) don't wait, buy this book now! Matt is very candid & paints a real & honest picture of day to day life for someone with ms and their family."

Kat writes, "It definitely is a book that will hit home if you have MS or know someone who has it. I've recommended this book to my husband and some of my family because they ask what it's like for me, and this book pretty much hits the nail on the head."

Kerri F. from Massachuttes writes, "Cavallo wasn't afraid to talk about sensitive health issues, adding depth to the book because he put himself in a vulnerable position by being so straightforward. This book would probably be great for others who have MS so they can experience someone else's struggle with adjusting to the situation and news. It would also be informative for the friends and family of people with MS to get some insight on what the condition is like."

About the Patient Activation Network

Matt is the Founder and Chief Empathy Officer of the Patient Activation Network. At the Patient Activation Network, we share stories from patients and providers to uplift the patient experience. It is our hope that these stories will educate, inspire and help others know that they are not alone in their journey.

The way we accomplish our mission is through our podcast, motivational speaking and continuing education. Our work has been featured at leading health organizations, events and universities. If you have a health experience that you would like to share on our podcast or are interested in learning more about our services, please visit the Patient Activation Network today:

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