MSAA ReBlog: 2010 – An MS Relapse for the Holidays

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The holidays are a stressful time. Combine the stress of the holidays with a Multiple Sclerosis relapse and the result can be overwhelming on a person and/or family. During Thanksgiving in 2010, I experienced a devastating relapse with a symptom that I had never experienced before: severe mood swings and emotional outbursts. Here is an excerpt from my MSAA blog,  “2010 – An MS Relapse for the Holidays Part One – Relapse“:

“…As the calendar approached Thanksgiving, I started to become symptomatic. I hadn’t been on any MS treatment for ninety days and was noticing increased fatigue and weakness. At the time, I attributed my symptoms to working fulltime while enrolled in a Master’s program along with raising two boys, ages three and one, who weren’t exactly allowing for a full night’s sleep.

While the weakness and fatigue were troubling, I also started experiencing uncontrollable mood swings. I would break into hysterical laughter at inappropriate times and then break down and start crying and become inconsolable. I am not a person who typically shows intense emotion, so these kinds of outbursts were completely out of character for me…”

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2 thoughts on “MSAA ReBlog: 2010 – An MS Relapse for the Holidays

  1. I was diagnosed in 1985. My first exacerbation in 1978. I was advised by a neurologist at time of diagnosis to get stress out of my life and do the things I wanted to do before the worst that could happen,if it did. As I told my wife with,much fear, She listened and thought it over and then she said OK lets do it. I retired from the Air Force at DM in 85 and started trying to leave stress behind out of my life ( changes to life style is very hard). My wife still being in the Air Force, I followed her to Alaska and to Germany and we are now living in a cool weather climate of Washington state Cascade mountains. I have only had 2 exacerbation and 78+ 85. I think the lack of stress in my life has been a great factor in being exacerbation free. My thoughts and hopes are you can live long and move freely.

    1. Great post Chad! You have had quite a journey. I appreciate you sharing your story. I am trying to be as stress free as possible. Hopefully that leads to similar success as you’ve experienced. Hope all is well my friend!

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