Being a dad with multiple sclerosis means you're fatigued but you don't mind sharing your bed

What Being a Dad with MS Means to Me

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Mason, my oldest son, overheard me and my brother talking about my aunt Loretta and MS. When he asked why he had never met her, we told him that she passed away due to complications of multiple sclerosis. He became very emotional over this, not wanting to lose me the same way my cousins lost Loretta (see video).

This got me thinking about what being a dad with MS meant to me. In 2005 when I was first diagnosed, I was non-functional from the waist down. In my deepest, darkest moments in my hospital bed and recovery, I thought that intimacy in my life was over and that I would never live my dream of being a dad.

Two years later, my dreams came true when Jocelyn gave birth to our first son Mason. We were blessed with our second son, Colby, two years later. Because of the challenge MS caused us in trying to conceive, I feel that MS has made me a better father. The following slideshow are all captions of what being a dad with MS means to me:

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Amazing video! That little guy is so articulate!
    You are so fortunate to have your boys.
    Happy Fathers Day!

  2. You are a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife and the kids.
    I like to see people like us find some happiness in life when it is clearly hard to find.

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