Robot Catfish prey on vulnerable people in social media with spam posts to fake websites

Catching a Robot Catfish in Social Media Support Groups

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Dehydration and IV Tips with Matt Cavallo

Dehydration and IV Tips

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Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005, the veins in my arms have been stuck well over a hundred times. My monthly Tysabri infusion alone has equaled 108 vein piercing injections once every 28 days dating back to February of 2007. Each time has been without incident. My nurses remark how I have big […]

Living with multiple sclerosis can be like trying to stop a runaway train

Runaway MS Train – MSAA Reblog

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**Originally posted by Matt Cavallo on MSAA Conversations on 2-27-2015 at**   Photo Caption: Deviant Art. (n.d.). Retrieved March 2, 2015, from I remember as if it were yesterday: January, 2007. I was sitting in my neurologist’s office after suffering my third relapse in eighteen months. At that moment, I felt that my MS was […]