Happy Mother’s Day! A Tribute to Moms with MS and Caregiver Moms

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I wanted to start by wishing Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! I especially wanted to wish my wife a Happy Mother’s Day for bringing my two beautiful boys, Mason and Colby into this life. I also wanted to send a big Happy Mother’s Day out to Moms with MS and Caregiver Moms.

My wife was thrust into the unenviable task of becoming my caregiver eight years ago in 2005 when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the past eight years she has stood by me through countless relapses, doctor’s visits, image studies, and IVs. I believe that her standing by me during all of the adversity that MS has thrown our way is part of the reason that I have had such good outcomes.

I am not alone in this thinking. In fact research shows that the role of the caregiver can effect changes in a person’s social, economic, physical and emotional status. In my situation, Jocelyn is positive, supportive and has believed in me which provides motivation to keep fighting. Without having that partner in the fight against the disease a person can progress into illness more rapidly.

Thank you all the caregiver moms for the help and support you provide. And thank you to the Moms living with MS for continuing to fight! Happy Mother’s Day every mom!!!

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