Run Safe with Elizabeth Ramos

Run Safe with Elizabeth Ramos

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10312401_726277557430077_7913490453500836366_n (1)Imagine that you are a senior in college and a semester away from graduating. You are going for an afternoon jog. The sun is shining as you run along the California coastline. You stop at an intersection and wait for the walk signal. The signal changes and you start jogging across the crosswalk. Then, without warning, a driver runs the red light, crashes into you, tossing your body onto the hood and slamming your head against the windshield.

Miraculously you survive, but you didn’t take any identification with you for the jog. First responders are able to stabilize you and get you to the emergency room, but no one is able to notify your family. You stay alone, unidentified at the hospital while your family frets in horror over your disappearance. Then a friend reads of about a car accident in the paper and tells your family. Finally, you family is able to identify you and your road to recovery begins.

This is the amazing true story of Elizabeth Ramos. I met Elizabeth at the airport recently when I was returning home from a speaking engagement in Anaheim. I was waiting to board and saw this young woman being pushed by her mother in a wheelchair down the jet way. I wanted to know her story. Since I was flying Southwest Airlines and the seat next to her and her mom was open, I asked to sit down.

The first thing she did was grab her cane and try to push herself up. I told her to stay seated and that I could hop over her. She smiled and said OK. It wasn’t soon after that we struck up a conversation and she told me about the accident. She told me how a 78 year old driver ran the light and hit her, how her family struggled to find her and how she is still rehabbing.

She also inspired me by how she is turning her accident into a public service. Elizabeth Ramos designs medical ID tags that you put on your shoes so that you can be easily identified and your loved ones will be contacted in the case of an accident or emergency.

Matt: You are truly an inspirational person. How have you remained so strong and dedicated despite going through such a tragic event?

Elizabeth: I have great faith that has gotten me through this last year. God has saved my life. I have great family and friends who have been there for me and my parents.

Matt: Medical Identification tags are very important. Can you tell my readers about your tags?

Elizabeth: Since I didn’t have identification when I was running my parents didn’t know about my accident for twenty four hours. A club on campus came up with a little ID tag that lace to your shoe. The ID tag is yellow and has a red cross on it and you can pop it open in the middle and there is a piece of paper where you can put your contact info at. They sold them during the semester I was hit and raised money for my medical bills. In November of last year, I started to sell the ID tags again and all the money I raise goes to the Long Beach Memorial rehab center my last hospital, I usually just ask for $2 suggested donations.  The rehab center helped me face my fears of going home with no nurses helping and I became thankful for all the blessings I have had.

Matt: If my readers are interested in getting a tag, how can they contact you?

Elizabeth: They can contact me by emailing me at

Thank you Elizabeth for joining me for this interview. You have a truly miraculous story and I wish you the best in your recovery. To support Elizabeth’s mission or to find out how you can get your own LB Runner ID tag, please email her or click on the flyer for more details.

You can read Elizabeth’s full story at the Daily 49er by clicking on the following link:

Run Safe

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