Clinical Educator

Experienced Clinical Educator and Facilitator

Matt Cavallo has provided clinical education to over 150 hospitals nationwide. He uses his personal story to facilitate organizational change. Healthcare leaders bring Matt in for varying topics including patient experience initiatives and to facilitate leadership retreats. 

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Matt is prepared, experienced and easy to work with and is dedicated to making sure your educational event is a success.
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Organizational Storytelling

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ, 2014), "Health care professionals can use storytelling to identify and communicate improvements; establish a set of values in the organization that are conducive to making improvements; and understand their own roles as leaders to be credible communicators of health care improvements."

Storytelling is the way we learn. It is the oldest form of communication. Matt Cavallo uses his personal health experience along with the objectives of your initiative to help facilitate positive organizational change. Together, we can move the needle to ensure that your next program is a success.

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Engaging with Matt for Clinical Education Workshops and Leadership Retreats

Matt wants to make it easy for you to do business with him. As an a clinical education consultant, Matt focuses on 3 critical areas to ensure your program is a success.


  1. Matt meets with the event organizer ahead of the event to learn the problem they are trying to solve
  2. Matt creates a lesson plan and workshop agenda then presents it to the event organizer
  3. The event organizer signs off on the plan and Matt delivers the agreed upon workshop


  1. Matt arrives at your organization or meeting location with all materials neccesary for the workshop
  2. Matt motivates the attendees with his story and introduces the workshop agenda
  3. Matt keeps the time to ensure that each item on the agenda is addressed on time


  1. Matt utilizes instructional design techniques that encourage attendee participation 
  2. Matt takes notes during the workshop breakout sessions and presentations
  3. Matt presents a comprehensive report highlighting growth opportunities

Living Well with a Chronic Illness Blog

Matt's blog is a conversational blog about living well with a chronic illness, like multiple sclerosis. Deeply personal, timely and educational, Matt's writing inspires many and provides strategies and insights to help others in their fight against chronic illness.