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Matt Cavallo started documenting his life with a chronic illness in 2008. As a person living with multiple sclerosis and as someone who has worked in healthcare, audiences find Matt's writing to be personal and conversational, while educational and informative. Matt's blog has received national recognition, as has his freelance work, but his first love is his memoir, The Dog Story - A Journey into a New Life with Multiple Sclerosis. 

Matt shares his journey of personal insights along with strategies for living well with a chronic illness
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Freelance Writing
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Books by Matt Cavallo

This is a must read for those being diagnosed with a chronic illness. It is heart wrenching, hospital bedside diary of what it is like to go from being an average, healthy adult to losing functionality from the waist down. 

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Jill B. from Colorado writes, "This book is a must read for everyone. For those who have multiple sclerosis (ms) don't wait, buy this book now! Matt is very candid & paints a real & honest picture of day to day life for someone with ms and their family."

Kat writes, "It definitely is a book that will hit home if you have MS or know someone who has it. I've recommended this book to my husband and some of my family because they ask what it's like for me, and this book pretty much hits the nail on the head."

Kerri F. from Massachuttes writes, "Cavallo wasn't afraid to talk about sensitive health issues, adding depth to the book because he put himself in a vulnerable position by being so straightforward. This book would probably be great for others who have MS so they can experience someone else's struggle with adjusting to the situation and news. It would also be informative for the friends and family of people with MS to get some insight on what the condition is like."

Freelance Writing

Matt has been a freelance writer for many great health publications. His story has been featured in major media outlets including: The Boston Globe, US News and World Report, WebMD, Everyday Health and more. 

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Living Well with a Chronic Illness Blog

Matt's blog is a conversational blog about living well with a chronic illness, like multiple sclerosis. Deeply personal, timely and educational, Matt's writing inspires many and provides strategies and insights to help others in their fight against chronic illness.