When Life Throws You Curve Balls – An Interview with Matt Cavallo by K.L. Toth

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K.L. Toth recently interviewed me for her blog, Creative Expressions. She is a talented writer who has a wonderful blog and book reviews. Here is an excerpt from our recent interview. The full interview is available at the link listed below:

“Most of us have plans for our lives; dreams that we hope will come true.  Even so, unexpected things happen to all of us along the way, some good and some bad. Just like tossing a pebble into a pond, it causes a ripple effect; and we are never quite the same again. It changes us, sometimes for a few moments and other times forever. These unexpected things are the curve balls. They come flying at you, just when things seem to be going straight and true.

Matt Cavallo is no stranger to curve balls. Life threw him a very big one at the age of 28, when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He went from a young man with a bright future to the disabled victim of a terrifying disease with a questionable fate. Thanks to the loving support of his wife and his own spirit of strength, he has overcome many of the challenges associated with his disease. Since then, he has become a symbol of hope to others.”

For the rest of the blog and interview, please visit K.L. Toth’s, Creative Expressions blog located at:


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